An open Letter from the LABC to wetheralds customers

As part of Wetheralds promise and Our Guarantee to delivering you, our customer, with both a high level of service and product for every insulated conservatory roof we install, we are proud to be the only national LABC Partner replacing conservatory roofs.

Martin Taylor, LABC Commercial Director recognises in his letter below the work Wetheralds undertake to ensure all our replacement conservatory roofs meet LABC standards and as such our customers roofs will receive LABC approval and a building regulations completion certificate.

24th May 2017

To whom it may concern,

Replacement Conservatory Roofs and Building Control

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) represent all local authority building control teams
across England & Wales. Our Members work cooperatively with building owners, home owners,
architects, plan drawers, developers, building contractors and other professional to ensure that
buildings are safe, healthy and efficient to meet the requirements set by the Building

There has been considerable growth recently in the replacement of conservatory roofs and to
assist homeowners, installers and building control surveyors LABC have issued a series of
guidance documents all available on the LABC website.

DCLG also sort to clarify the regulatory position regarding conservatories with the publication of
their circular letter of 30 July 2013.

In accordance with the above guidance documentation a building control submission will
normally be required for each re-roofing situation which will typically require the submission of
technical details and structural calculations together with the inspection of work on site to
ensure that the requirements of the Building Regulations have been satisfied.

Many replacement roof systems have also been assessed and officially registered with LABC
(LABC Registered Details) Registered details used in accordance with the associated guidance
documents together with inspection of work on site will demonstrate compliance with the
Building Regulations.

Details of the Wetherald’s registrations can be found by clicking here.

By working closely with LABC, Wetheralds are also recognised as LABC partners which ensures
that each of their installations is submitted to and inspected by LABC trained inspectors to
ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance.

If you have any queries relating to the Building Regulations and the processes involved please
consult the above guidance documents or get in touch direct.

Yours sincerely,



Martin Taylor
LABC Commercial Director

the importance of working with the labc

if you would like to know more about the importance of working with the LABC throughout your project, please get in touch.