Wetheralds National LABC Partner

Wetheralds are a registered partner with the LABC, which means every solid roof conservatory conversion carried out by Wetheralds Roof Systems meets Building Regulation Standards.

  • All our projects are inspected in person at least twice by your local LABC inspector.
  • All projects receive a Building Regulations Completion Certificate from the LABC.
  • All Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roof Solutions have a registered detail.

Our LABC Partnership offers total peace of mind, see what our customers have to say.

registered details

We have registered details of the standard conservatory shapes, which means our building system and product can be instantly accepted by all local authority building control surveyors, that’s over 300 across England and Wales.

structural plans

All materials have been approved together with construction methods carried out by Wetheralds bespoke installation teams.  Calculations taking into account weight and deflection, together with bespoke drawings and specification are produced for each and every project.

LABC visits

Each and every project is visited and inspected a minimum of 2 times during construction by the LABC Local Authority Building Inspector, who in turn signs the project off and deals directly with you, the customer.

We are proud to be the only national LABC Partner replacing conservatory roofs; as such every one of our installations is “submitted to and inspected by LABC trained inspectors to ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance.” Martin Taylor, LABC Commercial Director