Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roofs

Is it time for a new roof on your conservatory?

Whether your roof has come to the end of it’s life and repair is no longer an option or you’d like to benefit from everything a tiled roof has to offer, Wetheralds can help.

The range of Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roof Solutions allow you as a customer to benefit from the best solution for you and your conservatory style.

Their are different advantages of each solution all of which we are happy to discuss with you.

Expert Advice

Before you can consider which option to progress with it’s important that the structure of your conservatory is surveyed.

Our trained Wetheralds Surveyors will survey the whole of your conservatory roof structure – FREE OF CHARGE AND WITH NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE – before making recommendations as to the best solutions for you. We will then leave you to consider which option you would like to benefit from.

Further expert checks of your Wetheralds Roof will take place throughout the installation of your project.


No two Wetheralds customers are the same! There are different: conservatory styles, ways you use your conservatory space and reasons for wanting a new room.

Here are some of the solutions that could be available to you;

To find out which option we recommend for you please give us a call on 0800 612 3777 or contact us.

Not sure which option's right for you?

If you are not sure which of the Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roof options is right for you or would simply like to know more please get in touch. Your local Wetheralds Surveyor will visit, view your conservatory and take you through the best options for you.