Building Regulations and Planning Permission for Conservatory Roofs

Building Regulations and Planning Permission for Conservatory Roofs have become an area of concern and confusion for some, so we’ve laid out some of the facts to help you understand what you need and what to look out for when replacing your conservatory roof.

If you’re looking to replace your old translucent conservatory roofs with a lightweight solid one, then you will need to comply with Building Regulations to ensure your new roof is both safe and fit for purpose.

Planning permission is not usually required to replace your existing conservatory roof, your Wetheralds Surveyor can advise you.

When you change your conservatory roof there are a number of options available to you, with the preferred option for many homeowners being to have a solid roof installed.

Wetheralds partnership with the labc

Find out more about Wetheralds partnership with the LABC and why it's so important to our customers when choosing a replacement conservatory roof supplier.

All Wetheralds Insulated Roofs have a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Registered Detail; providing approved design, quality control and accredited installation.

If you reroof your existing conservatory with a tiled roof, “significantly reducing the amount of glazing to the roof then a Building Regulation Application is required as your structure will no longer be regarded as exempt as a conservatory by the relevant building control.” Dept of Communities and Local Government – 2013. 

Conservatories are lightweight in nature and are not generally designed to carry the weight of a solid roof. Therefore, there’s a real possibility of movement or even collapse and the Building Control Application (only issued after set procedures are followed and on-site inspections completed) is needed to ensure this will not occur.

Wetheralds in partnership with the LABC

Your existing roof will likely be glazed or polycarbonate and usually have uPVC windows and doors.  If the roof is glazed, it is also likely the vertical frames will have been designed to carry the roof load.  In the case of a polycarbonate roof, the vertical frames may only have sufficient reinforcement to carry that particular load.

When you choose a Wetheralds Insulated Roof to replace your conservatory roof, our partnership with the LABC means that your local authority building control team will visit your home at the start of the build process (your conservatories suitability for a replacement conservatory roof already having been assessed by Wetheralds own surveyors and independent structural engineers) to ensure that the roof and supporting structure will fully comply with the Building Regulations.

They will also visit again on one or two more occasions to view the remainder of the installation, to ensure that it is “no worse than before with regard to compliance with the Building Regulations.” before issuing a completion certificate.

Building Regulation Completion Certificates can only be issued by LABC Authorities.

In comparison some conservatory roof providers simply offer a certificate issued by JHAI a private inspection company.  This merely confirms that the work has been notified to the Local Authority, and that the replacement roof (not the original supporting structure)is  satisfactory. It does not confirm that the roof has a LABC registered detail.

The JHAI internal documents specifically state that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer/installer to provide the structural engineers calculations and assessments required to prove that the supporting structure will support the additional weight and prevent collapse.  They do not carry out site visits or inspections.

All Wetheralds homeowners receive a Building Regulation Completion Certificate from the LABC.

As the only national LABC partner installing replacement conservatory roofs – we submit applications on your behalf and ensure certification is provided to you at completion of the project.

What does an LABC inspector check for:


The structural design suitability for the replacement conservatory roof,

How the extra roof loads are transmitted through your existing conservatory structure,

Adequacy of the existing foundations of your conservatory, your Wetheralds installation team can make trial holes if required,

Resistance of the roof together with any junctions to the existing structure to moisture, ventilation and thermal performance,

Carry out a visual examination of the existing conservatory to assess for signs of distress/failure in the structure with respect to the additional load of the new roof,

Assess whether or not the existing glazing/door supports contain steel inserts to spread roof to the floor slab,

Suitable weatherproofing of roof, abutments and rainwater goods,

The new roof etc. should comply with current Building Regulations as a new thermal element. The existing walls and floor should be considered as being no worse than before.

Wetheralds offer peace of mind, no hidden costs and complete confidence in our work.