Here are just some of the questions you might be asking if you are looking to replace your conservatory roof.   If there is anything we haven’t covered please give us a call on 0800 612 3777 or use our contact form.

Do I require Building Regulations for a replacement lightweight conservatory roof?

Yes.  As a Registered Partner with the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) we have a Registered Detail for each type of conservatory style, this enables us to send you a Building Regulations Completion Certificate at the end of the installation. This is included within the price of your quotation.

How long will it take to replace my conservatory roof?

On average it takes 4-5 days to install a Wetheralds Insulated Conservatory Roof. If you have a large conservatory or additional custom elements are to be included then it may take a bit longer. Your Wetheralds Surveyor will give you an estimate of how long it will take when they visit to provide your quotation.

Will I lose a lot of light after my conservatory roof has been replaced?

There will be minimal light loss of around 5% for polycarbonate and 10% with glass conservatory roofs, although customers advise us that they can’t believe how good the roof looks inside once it is all finished and painted, and the benefits far outweigh the slight loss of light.

“The room has been transformed, we will now look to put in a TV which we couldn’t do before because of the glare, and will definitely use it more often now.”

Mr Diwan, Essex – Read the full case study.

Are the Wetheralds Installation Teams Tradesmen?

Yes all Wetheralds Installation Teams are our employees are based in Great Britain and are all qualified tradesmen and only install our products.

Can roof windows like Velux be added to the lightweight conservatory roof?

Yes. We are able to supply and fit roof windows as part of the installation as well as other options to personalise your conservatory roof. Just mention it to your Wetheralds Surveyor when they visit to provide you with your quotation.

What height will the finished ceiling be of my new room?

As a guideline the height will be approximately 2.5 metres (approx. 8′ 6″ feet) from the existing floor. Lean-to roofs follow the contour and are 70mm (approx. 3 inches) below the existing height of your conservatory roof. Although you are unlikely to notice any difference especially when the ceiling has been painted white, our customers remark that there is still a feeling of space and openness.

Do you cover the conservatory floor?

Yes your Wetheralds installation team will cover the floor of your conservatory and protect any permanent fixtures. We recognise that this is part of your home and always endeavour to keep the area tidy.

“We would like to thank you for a very pleasing conservatory that we will enjoy all year round. The two fitters worked exceptionally hard and turned up on time every day, they left the premises clean and tidy every day and the weeks work is exceptionally good!”

Mr & Mrs Watkinson, York

Can I get help moving heavy furniture?

Yes of course, our team of installers would be happy to help, although all small items must be removed by yourselves prior to installation.

How soon can I start decorating my new Sunroom?

We recommend you wait approximately 8 days in the winter and 4 days in the summer depending on climate conditions, and that you apply 2 undiluted coats of a good quality white matt emulsion such as Dulux to your freshly plastered roof.

Will my window frames be strong enough to take the weight of a replacement conservatory roof?

Yes. Our system when completed is marginally heavier than the weight of glass on the roof, and most frames are made to take the weight of glass, even if the roof is polycarbonate. For every Wetheralds lightweight replacement conservatory roof we will check the existing frame is adequate – this is done by your Wetheralds Surveyor at the time of your initial survey and quotation and independently by a structural engineer.

“Images and calculations are taken by one of Wetheralds Surveyors and are sent to an independent Structural Engineer before we commence any project, they would advise of any concerns before we start your installation, although this has rarely happened in the thousands of replacement conservatory roofs we have installed.”

Mark Pavis, Wetheralds MD

Will the rain noise be reduced?

Yes, the combination of the roof tile and the insulation virtually eliminates noise. A difference is especially noticed by those customers that have a polycarbonate roof.

Will a Wetheralds Insulated Roof help to stop the condensation?

Yes. The nature of the construction and the materials used in the construction of a Wetheralds Insulated Roof all help to reduce/eliminate condensation in your new room. The Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roof systems have passed the BRE WUFI Test to massively reduce condensation and mould to better regulate the temperature as well as ventilated soffits and fascias.

Your free guide to choosing a supplier

We have put together a checklist to help you select the right supplier. There are many considerations; is there a solution for your roof type, is the price competitive, is the roof inspected by an independent specialist, will you receice a Building Regulations Completion Certificate for the whole structure - for it's life?