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Wetheralds Allwether Conservatory Roof Solutions

8th May 2018 · Posted in Wetheralds Allwether Roof Solutions

A Solution for every conservatory

Wetheralds are pleased to be able to deliver a range of conservatory roof solutions to fit every type of conservatory roof and every budget.  All of our roofs are fitted and completed subject to an independent structural engineers approval and LABC inspector visits.

Wetheralds Allwether Timber Roof

The Wetheralds Allwether Timber Conservatory Roof is constructed at your home by our skilled craftsmen.

  • Attaches to your existing roof structure,
  • A Wetheralds patented system,
  • Holds an LABC Registered Detail,
  • Lightweight roof solution.


Wetheralds Allwether Aluminium Roof

The Wetheralds Allwether Aluminium Conservatory Roof is fabricated in our workshop to your specifications.

  • Allows you to change the shape of your roof,
  • We can generally fit these roofs in just a couple of days,
  • Choice of finishes available,
  • Maintain a vaulted ceiling,
  • BRE Approved condensation analysis (wufi test).


Wetheralds Allwether Bespoke Roof

The Wetheralds Allwether Bespoke Roof is suitable for custom or unusual roofs and for single story dwellings.

  • Any style of roof can be created.
  • The tiles conservatory roof can be cut-in to join with existing roofs.
  • Constructed on site.
  • A range of tiles and finishes available.
  • LABC Registered Detail EW544K

Contact us for  more about which solution is right for you with a free no obligation visit from a Wetheralds Surveyor.