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Building Regulations for Conservatory Roofs – KEY FACTS

20th March 2018 · Posted in Building Regulations for Conservatory Roofs

Are Building Regulations required for replacement or refurbishment of conservatory roofs?

The simple answer is Yes!

Any significant alteration or replacement that reduces the glazed area of the roof requires Building Regulation approval.

Do Building Regulations have any Legal Force?
YES – Any work covered by the Building Regulations and not inspected and approved is liable to enforcement action through the courts, and possible demolition of any work not conforming.

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous companies that are replacing conservatory roofs without placing customer safety and quality of workmanship to the fore.


What inspections and other requirements are needed to comply with Building Regulations where an insulated roof is to be fitted to a conservatory?
The Essentials

  1. An initial on site inspection of your existing conservatory to assess the structural integrity of existing walls, and suitability of foundations to accept an insulated roof.
  2. Detailed structural engineers calculations to prove to the inspecting Authority that the existing structure and foundations will support the additional weight of the insulated roof.
  3. On site inspection to confirm that insulation meets Building Regulation requirements
  4. Final inspection on site by the Inspecting Authority of the completed installation.


What documents should I receive following completion of the work?

1. Compliance Certificate.

This will only confirm that the roof section is satisfactory for its purpose.


This confirms that the works have been inspected at the key stages to comply with the legally required sections of the Building Regulations.


All Wetheralds projects are inspected by your Local Authority Building Control.


A compliance certificate is NOT a Building Regulation Completion Certificate.

It merely confirms that the roof components used as part of the overall installation are satisfactory.  It does not include or cover inspections of the existing conservatory walls or foundations, nor does it confirm that the Inspection Authority have been provided with the structural engineers calculations needed to prove that the existing walls and foundations are adequate.

For your protection ask the company or their representative to provide in writing, confirmation that the existing walls and foundations have been assessed, that detailed structural engineers calculation for your specific project have been prepared and approved, also that the on site inspections required for Building Regulation approval will be carried out at the relevant stages and a completion certificate will be issued following completion.

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